8tracks "Pier 42"

8tracks again! 3 times in a row! sorry for those who doesnt like 8tracks,,, but its a good tool for me to keep tracks of what tracks were good!
and the good news is, its short! "8tracks" only!
So this time i focused on jazzy, chilly music to prepare myself for autumn season. Mostly jazzy-hip-hop, acoustic music.
(i dont know why, but i have a feeling that most "hip-hop", "jazz" net-label artists use bandcamp rather than other existing net-labels...)

Hoping someday i will get a chance to chill at Pier 42 in the near future...



"Pier 42" track-list

1. Mezzo - Sweet Deams [C4L]
2. Locky-Stocky - Good Times [SHB008]
3. Raptor System - Autumn Garden [Hollow]
4. Ju-Ar - Turn It Up [Orange Air]
5. Onetalk - Mr Hotness [Free The Beats Vol​.​4]
6. incise - hope [Familiar Voices] (my blog post)
7. mike b - Let Go [The Thinking Step]
8. Beatsofreen - Gratitude [Future Memories]

total time: 28:10



8tracks "kakkkkkoiiiiiiiiiii traxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Here is the another 8tracks mix i just made few days ago. kakkkoiiiiii means "cooooolllll!!!" in japanese. So this mix is a playlist of cool tracks that you can maybe use in dj's, show off to girls, whatever.

Most of the songs genre is "post-dubstep" sort of things. But like M4. is minimal-techno, M6 is abstract experimental-breakbeat-hip-hop...

By the way my favorite out of these is M7. by SoundNbeats.
Hope you don't skip the songs until you reach my favorite song! Enjoy!

Im planning to make two more 8tracks mixes, since i want to introduce you many other cool songs that are absolutely free!


1. Volitune - Funkaplex [SWS047]
2. Himuro Yoshiteru - die everyday [SCHWEP05]
3. Apes On Tapes - Not That Ready [Foreplays]
4. chris_fou - e motion [handy-tec 027]
5. Crim - Distorbia [SUBL007]
6. Lgor - Ward [chase041]
7. SoundNbeats - Misty Hills (Chik Remix) [MLD014]
8. Lung - Whale Song [Cut Volume 1] (my review page)
9. Photophob - The Sound of Concrete (Hecq 'Melting Streets' Remix) [laridae060]
10. Cian - Rubber Chicken [Loud Mouth Compilation Volume 1]
11. Σ-Fly - Tides [WARMINAL003]
12. Mokhov - Fragments of Hope [Halcyon Days]

total time: 57:48



8tracks "theme for sultryyyyy summmmmeeeeerrrrrrr"

Hi All. As I may have said it before, im going to post some description in english.
ive never done this before, and have never written any music reviews in english, so dont expect me too much!
SO, here is my new 8tracks tracklist. (although its been posted nearly a month ago......)
AND i just found out recently that 8tracks widget seems to work pretty good. so enjoy listening from this page right away! YUPPY!

As the title of the 8tracks describes, these songs are mainly lazy, 'humid'y, cheap, dubby...
Although hot summer is about to end but,,,....Enjoy!




"theme for sultryyyyy summmmmeeeeerrrrrrr" Track-List

1. Elkor - Vascogeni senohm [Quidam of Khentamenti]
2. A Man Called Pj - Dubalalla [fpr057]
3. iserobin - Pnd [TAPE001]
4. Sleepers awake - Nothing beats a drum [Free The Beats Vol​.​4]
5. Esquire - The Time (Esquire & Joe Friday's Filthy Bit Remix) [The Sounds Of The Future EP]
6. 三毛猫ホームレス - KANEKURE (Gassyoh Remix) [MARU-094]
7. Q squared - Pazan (remix) [schwep04]
8. Jambassa - Them never love the Flowers (Jambässa Remix by Dub One!) [iD.065]
9. .crk - untitle 1 [mi167] (my blog review)
10. Mnolo - Collective Unconscious [Texas Compilation]
11. Seahorse Drivers - Die Letzte Linie Fiel Im Morgengrauen [chase040]
12. Comfort Fit - Bermuda [STROKE​.​MUSIC]
13. Bandfx - Babydub (VIP 2011) [GNs Compilation - Break Asymmetry]

total time: 56:06